Continuing Education: 1990s

  • DSET ezConnect Gateway System Integrator, DSET
  • 1630/31 SX Sonet Cross-Connect Combo, Alcatel
  • Data Communications, Richland College
  • Telecommunications Networking, Richland College
  • Introduction to Telecommunications, Richland College
  • The Web as a Strategic Enabler, TIVU
  • Fundamentals of Application Development Using Access, Micro Center
  • Microsoft Access: Beginning & Intermediate & Advanced, Micro Center
  • Online Learning: Toolbook II, Asymetrix
  • Writing for the Wired World, IABC
  • Microsoft Outlook, ExecuTrain
  • History of Dallas: 1900–Present, Dallas Historical Society
  • Team Building: Desert Survival & Orienteering, Texas Instruments
  • In Search of Customers, Dun & Bradstreet
  • Using FrontPage to Create Web Pages, Micro Center
  • Exploring Document Capture & Management, Wood Associates
  • Killer Apps Need a Killer Database, ObjectStore
  • Programming in C, Richland College
  • Book Promotion on the Web, Jenkins Group
  • Online Publishing, EBT
  • FrameMaker 5.0, Digital Training and Designs
  • How To Do Business on the Internet, National Seminars
  • The Internet & World Wide Web, Rockhurst College
  • Telecommuting & Internet Access, Ascend
  • Around the Internet in 60 Minutes, MasterLink
  • Electrifying Presentations, InFocus Systems
  • Safety Awareness for the Administrative Worker, Texas Safety Association
  • ProShare Personal Conferencing, Wyle Electronics
  • Beginning & Intermediate ISDN, Onramp Technologies
  • XcelleNet, RemoteWare
  • Working Effectively in a Multi-Site Environment, Nortel
  • FrameMaker 5.0, Frame Technologies
  • Exceptional Customer Service, Fred Pryor
  • First Things First, Covey
  • Team Building, Nortel
  • Meridian Administration Tool, Nortel
  • Meridian 1 Option 11-81 Familiarization, Nortel
  • Assertion & Conflict Resolution, Nortel
  • Team Building, Nortel
  • The Power to Change, Convex
  • Team Building, Convex
  • R/3 Manufacturing Overview—SAP, Convex
  • Quadrant II Time Management, Convex
  • Object-Oriented Concepts, ObjectSpace
  • Managing Personal Growth, Convex
  • Star Factors: The Next Generation, Convex
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey
  • Basic Indexing, USDA Graduate School
  • Managing Diversity, Convex
  • Microsoft Excel, FunEd
  • Introduction to FrameMaker, Convex
  • Beginning ConvexOS, Convex
  • Windows 3.0, Richland College
  • Time Power, Convex
  • Situational Leadership, Convex
  • Presentation Skills, Barbara B. Miller
  • Project Management, Fred Pryor
  • Improving Managerial Skills of New or Prospective Manager, American Management Association
  • Basic Skills for Managers, Convex
  • System Administrator’s Training, DocuPro EPS

© 2004–2023 Larry S. Bonura

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