Historical Articles

Larry is the author of many historical works, presentations, and GIS historical projects, and is a member of many historical societies and associations:

  • The Encyclopedia of Native Americans and Sport, contributing writer for 5 biographies, 2003
  • The Handbook of Texas Music, contributing writer for 5 biographies, 2003
  • Encyclopedia of African-American Athletes, contributing writer for 5 biographies, 2002
  • “Journal Survey,” Journal of Sport History, Fall 1997–.
  • “The 1932 Beaumont Exporters,” presentation given at the Beaumont History Conference, Beaumont, TX, Jan. 14, 1995.
  • “Zeke Bonura,” presentation given at the SABR Hall-Ruggles Chapter meeting, June 3, 1993.
  • Ventura Publisher, the Formative Years, 1986–1991: An Annotated Bibliography, 1992.
  • “Calendar of bicycle history,” American Wheelmen/Cyclist’s Almanac, December 1983.
  • “In the beginning was the velocipede,” The Michigan Bicyclist, Winter 1982.
  • “Genesis of the Bicycle in the United States, 1865–1893: A Bibliographic Tool for Researchers,” master’s thesis in American social history, Emporia (Kansas) State University, December 1982.
  • “Frank W. Weston: Father of American bicycling,” The Michigan Bicyclist, Spring 1982; Bicycling News Canada, Summer 1982.
  • “Bicycle clubs from 1867 to 1887,” The Wheelmen, May 1982.
  • “History of the Bicycle” — 30-minute historical documentary for a Kansas PBS station in 1982.
  • “Of bells and balls, and chains and wheels, and tangent spokes and things,” Bicycling News Canada, Spring 1982.
  • “Bikes and books, bicycle books reviewed,” column syndicated internationally, 1977–1982.
  • “Jack London: Writer-rider,” Bicycling News Canada, Midsummer, 1981.
  • “Leonardo da Vinci and his bicycle,” The Wheelmen, May 1981.
  • “Of ball bearings, cyclometers, tangent spokes, suspension wheels, bells, chains, and freewheels,” The Wheelmen Newsletter, January 1981.
  • “bicyclio, a bicycle history column,” column syndicated internationally, 1978–1981.
  • “Kansas bicycling: A rich heritage,” Neosho River Free School Catalog, Summer 1980.
  • “A History of the Bicycle,” presentation given at the Kansas Bicycle Dealers Association, Emporia, Kansas, Summer 1980.
  • “The bicycle and women’s emancipation,” American Wheelmen, April 1980.
  • “W.R. Irwin and his bicycle trophy,” Neosho River Free School Catalog, Spring 1979, pg. 4–5.
  • “Everybody loves a saint,” The White Falcon, Feb. 14, 1975.
  • “Modern Navy built on solid foundation,” The Forrestal Flyer, Oct. 11, 1973.
  • “Marijuana: It’s origins and early history,” FID, June 1972.
  • “A royal game: A history of golf,” FID, April 1972.
  • “Eisenhower’s example uplifted as standard,” The Texian, April 10, 1969.

Current Projects

Larry is working on La Tribuna Italiana: 50 Years of Italian-American Expression, a history of the Italian American newspaper in Dallas.

Historical GIS Projects

Larry has used his knowledge of GIS to create history-oriented analysis projects.  Here’s a project showing Italians in Texas in 1900, a look at the counties who had Italian immigrants in 1900, when they arrived in those counties, what their primary occupations were, and where they came from in Italy.

Historical Society Memberships

Larry is an active member of several professional historical organizations:

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