Poetry Written

Larry’s most recent book of poetry was published in 2002, Engulfed From Within: A Lifetime of Poems, a collection of 35 years of poetry from 1967 to 2002.


In addition to Larry’s writings in the non-fiction field, he also has had several poems published:

  • “Genealogist,” DGS Newsletter, February 2000
  • “Fifth & Washington, Wilmette, Ill.,” The Quill, 1982–1983
  • “Shadow Creatures,” Puddingstone, Spring 1974; The Quill, 1982–1983
  • “Highway: Prisoner,” Poems by Poets, 1973
  • “My Struggle,” South and West, An International Literary Quarterly, Winter 1973
  • “The Product of Union,” Harlo’s Anthology of Modern-Day Poets and Authors, 1973
  • “Waves,” Harlo’s Anthology of Modern-Day Poets and Authors, 1973
  • “Brazilia’s Amazon,” Shore Poetry Anthology, 1972
  • “Sunrise,” FID, June 1972
  • “For Those Who Plan to Die,” FID, June 1972
  • “The Human Solution to Pollution,” FID, April 1972
  • “Seagulls,” FID, April 1972
  • “Rainbow,” FID, March 1972
  • “Reflections of Death,” The Forrestal Flyer, March 9, 1972
  • “2 Big Words,” FID, March 1972

Listen to Larry Read One of His Poems

“The Awakening”

Poetry Contest Winner

In April 2001, Larry won honorable mention in the Richardson Public Library’s first poetry contest for his poem, “Fire-Breathing Sunrise,” which he read at his first poetry reading during the ceremonies. He was asked to read his poetry at the opening day ceremonies of the Charles W. Eisemann Center on 27 Aug 2002, where he read to a huge audience of friends and visitors.

Listing in Directory

Larry is listed in the 2005–2006 print edition of A Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers print edition as well as the online edition.

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