Published Author: Books

Larry has written books for nearly 40 years.  Here’s what he’s done in this arena.

Published Projects

Larry has had nine books published:

  • Genesis of the Bicycle in The United States: 1865–1893 (2010)—A history of the bicycle in the United States from the Civil War to the Golden Age of the bicycle in the middle 1890s.  This book is available as a paperback or as an eBook (in PDF format).
  • Engulfed From Within: A Lifetime of Poems (2002) — A collection of 35 years of poetry from 1967 to 2002.
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  • The Art of Indexing (1994) — The first book written specifically to teach technical communicators how to index their books. In late 2003, The Art of Indexing was selected by Professor Gerald J. Alred of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as one of the 115 essential works on technical communication! (Alred, Gerald J. “Essential Works on Technical Communication,” Technical Communication, Nov. 2003, p 601.)
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  • Ventura Publisher, the Formative Years, 1986–1991: An Annotated Bibliography (1992) — A bibliography of articles and books about Ventura Publisher.
  • Desktop Publisher’s Thesaurus (1990) — A companion volume to the dictionary.
  • Desktop Publisher’s Dictionary (1989) — A dictionary for desktop publishers.
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  • Ventura Publisher User’s Guide (1989) — A training manual to teach students how to use Ventura Publisher.
  • Sculpturescape (1987) — An index to articles and books about sculpture in Dallas.
  • The Fruit of a Fleeting Joy (1973) — A book of poetry.

Contributions to Other Books

Larry has also written short encyclopedic entries for several books:

  • Native Americans in Sports (2003) — Brief biographies of these Native Americans: Frank Jude (pg. 166), Jimmy Rattlesnake (pg. 251), and Mark Ryal (pg. 267). Edited by C. Richard King.
  • The Handbook of Texas Music (2003) — Brief biographies of these Texas musicians: Buster Benton, Buster Pickens, J. Frank Wilson, James Sudduth, and Richard Dufallo. Edited by Roy R. Barkley, et al.
  • African Americans in Sports (October 2003) — Brief biographies of these African Americans: George Kenneth “Ken” Griffey Jr. (pg. 132), William Julius “Judy” Johnson (pg. 184), Walter Fenner “Buck” Leonard (pg. 205), Raleigh “Biz” Mackey (pg. 219), Willie James Wells (pg. 395), Joseph “Smokey” Williams (pg. 405). Edited by David K. Wiggins.

Articles in Other Books

Larry has had articles published as part of larger compendiums:

  • “Index Tools Professional Makes Indexing Less of a Chore” in Sandi Schroeder, ed., Software for Indexing, Medford, NJ: Information Today, Inc. (American Society of Indexers Series), 2003, pp. 127–133.

Current Projects in Progress

Larry is working on two new books:

  • La Tribuna Italiana: 50 Years of Italian American Expression — A history of that Italian American newspaper in Dallas from 1913 to 1963.
  • Mobile Phones on Postage Stamps — A history of the mobile phone shown on postage stamps from around the world

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