Indexer and Indexing

Larry has been a professional indexer since 1977, when he took an indexing class in college. He has created indexes for magazines, newspapers, newsletters, technical documents, books, and web sites.

He is a member of the American Society of Indexers and is a past president of the DC Chapter as well as a past chairperson of the publicity committee. Larry is also the Region 5 Representative on the Society for Technical Communication Indexing SIG.

A recognized authority in the field, Larry wrote The Art of Indexing for technical writers and editors to help them create better indexes, and he created an indexing seminar on how to index technical documents.

In late 2003, The Art of Indexing was selected by Professor Gerald J. Alred of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as one of the 115 essential works on technical communication! (Alred, Gerald J. “Essential Works on Technical Communication,” Technical Communication, Nov. 2003, p 601.)

Download a free Excel index management template!

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