Indexing Seminars

As part of his indexing professional, Larry offers two workshops on indexing:

  1. The Art of Indexing
  2. Managing the Indexing Process

The Art of Indexing

Ask your company’s technical support staff how many calls they receive about problems users have when they try to find information in your documents. Recent studies show that it can cost a company as much as $25 per call for technical assistance. If you could lower the number of technical assistance calls to increase your company’s productivity and revenue, wouldn’t you want to do so?

To produce the best possible documents for your readers, they should be able to find the desired information in less than 10 seconds. If they can’t, then your writers must become better indexers. Our experience indicates that the best way for technical writers to create better indexes is to learn how to create a good index, then index based on what the technical writer learned.

The “Art of Indexing” workshop includes a variety of dynamic presentations that will help your technical writers create comprehensive and usable indexes that will answer the needs of your specific audience. Designed for the novice indexer as well as those more experienced, this workshop has been presented to more than 300 technical communicators — and the response has been extremely favorable!

Technical writers, editors, and managers from Texas Instruments, Compaq Computer Corporation, Tandem Computers, Convex Computer Corporation, Micrografx, Recognition Equipment, Agora Associates, Contact Software International, Richland College, Solutions, Taft Group, TRW Information Services and others, have completed “The Art of Indexing” workshop. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and immediate for the technical writers and beneficial for their readers and customers.

The workshop leader’s book, The Art of Indexing, published by John Wiley & Sons, is an excellent tool for learning how to index technical documents. In addition to discussing the mechanics of creating an index, it is an excellent reference for learning more, and has a detailed bibliography, addresses for indexing societies and journals, and indexing software for various operating systems. Each workshop participant receives a free copy of this book as well as a copy of all slides and exercises.

Now that you’ve had the chance to see how we can help improve the quality of your technical documentation and add value for your users, give us a call to schedule your workshop. Call 214.924.3838.

Instructor Biography

Larry Bonura has been an indexer since 1977. He has indexed trade books, technical manuals, daily newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. A past president of the District of Columbia chapter of the American Society of Indexers (ASI), he is the author of many professional articles, papers, and books, including the Desktop Publisher’s Dictionary and The Art of Indexing. Larry is a principal at Word Workers, a consulting company that provides indexing, technical marketing, and Internet/Intranet services to various industries, including telecommunications, semiconductors, and computers. He earned an MA in American history at Emporia State University and a BS in journalism at the University of Kansas. Larry is a senior member of the STC Lone Star Chapter and the ASI South Central Chapter.

Workshop Contents

The following tasks required to create a high quality index are addressed in this workshop:

  • Defining an index
  • Determining your audience
  • Discerning the functions of an index
  • Describing the major index elements
  • Determining the index size and format
  • Creating the actual index
  • Editing the index

Also, we present solutions to managing the indexing process, such as:

  • Determining costs
  • Calculating time requirements
  • Creating an in-house index style guide

The workshop includes four hands-on exercises where each participant creates a sample index based on what is learned. Also, you will receive a valuable list of the most common problems met with technical indexes.

Two Workshop Choices

Word Workers offers two workshop arrangements:

  1. Half-day workshops—These workshops are 4 hours long, usually starting at 8 and ending at noon.
  2. Full-day workshops—These workshops are 8 hours long, usually starting at 8, breaking for lunch at 12, returning at 1, and ending at 5.

Of course, starting and ending times for either workshop arrangement are up to you.

Number of Participants

We prefer to limit workshops to 12 participants. The greatest number of participants allowed in one workshop is 20. Most attendees like the smaller classes because they feel freer to ask and answer questions.


These are the costs for the “Art of Indexing” workshops:

Workshop duration Number of participants Workshop cost Edit index
Half-day Up to 12 $1,595 $400
13 to 15 $2,195 $400
16 to 20 $3,095 $400
Full-day Up to 12 $1,995 $400
13 to 15 $2,595 $400
16 to 20 $3,495 $400
Add all expenses for travel, lodging, and food, if applicable, for each workshop. If two full-day workshops are needed and are scheduled one after the other, take $400 off the two workshop prices combined. For example, if you have 15 participants and want two full-day workshops scheduled two days in a row, the price would be $2,595 x 2 (workshops) = $5,190 – $400 (discount) = $4,790.


Each participant will receive a certificate acknowledging successful seminar completion.

An Added Feature

If you wish to send a copy of a document that has a representative index, Word Workers will edit that index (for a $400 fee) and share our findings with you at the workshop. This has been proven to be an excellent learning tool.

Purchase Order Required

Prior to presenting a workshop, Word Workers requires a purchase order indicating what specific training is required and fees to be paid.

Scheduling Notice

We would like at least four weeks notice prior to the workshop date. Please try to reserve your date as soon as possible.

Cancellation Policies

If Word Workers receives less than a 1-week cancellation notice, we will charge a $200 cancellation fee. If you reschedule the workshop, we will not charge a cancellation fee. Word Workers may cancel workshops for any reason.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Word Workers does not deny participation in any of its activities on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, nation of origin, age, disability, political affiliation, or belief.

Managing the Indexing Process

This one-hour presentation describes how to put management into your indexing business, including the following topics:

  • Learning to be better indexers
  • Soliciting new customers
  • Maintaining old customers
  • Tracking how we work
  • Creating excellent bids
  • Acting as a professional
  • Being a business person

Each seminar participant takes home an Excel spreadsheet template that has information for tracking your projects.

The cost of this presentation is $250 per presentation, plus expenses.

Other Indexing Services

Other indexing services include:

  • Online indexing—priced per project
  • Index template design—$40/hour
  • Free-lance indexing—$8/page on our system; $10/page on your system
  • Index editing and evaluation—$400 (we need at least two weeks to do the edit and evaluation, which includes a written report)

How To Contact Larry

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